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Low-slope garage roof deck

creativedestruction | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I’m looking to add an attached unheated garage with a rooftop deck. Slope will be 3/16″ per foot one direction to a gutter, and thinking sidewall-mounted rails to keep the roof membrane unpunctured.

The struggle is what’s above the membrane. Multiple contractors I’ve spoken with have only done wood decking fastened to treated lumber sleepers laid directly on the EPDM. I’d prefer a more durable solution. My hairbrain idea was 12″sq. composite deck tiles w/ interlocking mat, some landscaping rock around them, all floated on top of a drainage mat w/ filter fabric rolled onto the membrane.

Has anyone installed something similar? Or know of other durable roof deck options? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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  1. Expert Member


    There are all sorts of proprietary systems using mounts, and pavers made of everything from concrete to wood. They are a great low-maintenance way to cover the deck, but also allow access for repairs if necessary. If you decide to use them, think through how you deal with the edges of the deck. Here is one example:

    1. creativedestruction | | #2

      Thanks, Malcolm. Those pedestals do seem like a good route. I'd have to rethink the edge details and probably nix the landscape rock, but it looks straightforward and like you said easy to access for repair if needed.

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