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LP Legacy VS Advantech Flooring

Roger_S39 | Posted in General Questions on

Hi all,

Is there much difference between the two competing brands of sub flooring (23/32 thickness)?

Is there a clear winner/superior product between the two or are they pretty much the same?

Is it worth it to pay more to get one over the other or, would it fine to pick what ever one had the better pricing attached?

Thank you

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  1. Zdesign | | #1

    Advantech you can't go wrong with. I had samples of LP Legacy, Advantech, and Weyerhaeuser Diamond. All the samples were comparable. I decided to use the Diamond Subfloor on my house. What I got was not even remotely the same quality or density as the sample. The spiel I got from the LP product reps was its of better quality than Advantech and overall heavier. There were no suppliers in my area with the Legacy to see the full sheet material prior to ordering. If I were to do it again, it'd be Advantech, no question.

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