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Lunos e2 Placement

pjpfeiff | Posted in General Questions on

See attached drawing.  This is the second story of a Cape Cod with a vaulted ceiling.  I have two Lunos e2s and I am debating where to put them.  One will go on the south gable end (left side of drawing) and one will go on the north gable end–but should I put it inside or outside the bathroom?

Note the following:
 – Bathroom has no direct supply of conditioned air.
 – I may try to sound-insulate the bathroom with rockwool.

Will those two points lead to the bathroom having a noticeably-different temperature than the rest of the floor?  I am doubting it, but have just considered that putting one Lunos in the bathroom might help even out the temperature.   And perhaps continuously venting the bathroom isn’t a bad idea either.

Having just learned that Lunos says you can actually put both units on the same wall at least a meter apart makes me think that where I put them isn’t all that important, and that there might actually be a case for putting both on the north wall.  Does anyone have a good feel for these things?

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    I think your placement is fine. There is a small amount of net heat loss from your bathroom, but not enough to worry about. Make sure that you have enough undercut for your door and the bath fan doesn't de-pressurize the room to the point that you start reversing the flow on the Lunos, the spec sheet is missing fan numbers, but those don't look like to be beefy.

    You can also put one of the units just above the mini split and use it to tamper/mix the air.

  2. pjpfeiff | | #2

    Thanks for the feedback (thought I had already responded). I reckon I need the undercut to serve the exhaust fan no matter where I put the Lunos. Would that undercut more-or-less render the Rockwool soundproofing pointless?

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