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Lunos e2 vs. TwinFresh Comfo RA1-50-2

Irishjake | Posted in General Questions on

Looking for thoughts or feedback on the thru-wall HRV’s/ERV’s. Specifically the Lunos e2 system vs. the TwinFresh Comfo RA1-50-2.

What I know about the two systems-

They can both work in unison (every 70 seconds or so, they reverse supply and exhaust), during this time the core is regenerating.

The Luno e2 has a remote wall mount datalogger and control head. (an add-on expense $500+). The units (sold in pairs) and are a couple hundred dollars more than two TwinFresh units too.

The TwinFresh has a higher air flow capability, and higher electrical requirement.

I have an 850 ft2 apartment to ventilate.


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  1. arcticenergy | | #1

    I am surprised that nobody ever replied to you on this. What did you decide upon? Does anyone have more information?

  2. aunsafe2015 | | #2

    I know this is an old thread but I'll chime in anyways. I have a single TwinFresh ventilating a ~250 sq ft semi-detached area of my house, and it dropped the CO2 from 1200 down to about 600-700 ppm running on medium. It's quiet and has worked fine for ~3 years now. A bit of a wall wart, but overall I would recommend and would buy another one.

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