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Lunos eGo Now Available

kevin_in_denver | Posted in Mechanicals on

Has anyone seen a review of this new HRV?

Although it is rather expensive, installation is dead easy and mechanically it is exactly what I’ve been waiting for for 35 years.

Consider this… when the occupants are active in the main living area, exterior doors probably get opened and closed a few times every evening bringing in significant fresh air. (This is an impossible calculation, but could be verified through measurement)

Therefore the only time you need guaranteed air changes is while you are sleeping. 3-12 cfm/room is perfect.

Forget the whole house HRV/ERV, its ductwork and controls, and install one or three of these little guys. Then wait for cheap IAQ monitors to become available. When they do, then you can prove how smart you were.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    I reviewed the original Lunos fan back in 2011: European Products for Building Tight Homes.

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