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LVL beam location

deerefan | Posted in General Questions on

I have several locations in the house where I have a window, a foot of space above and then a clerestory all the way to the ceiling. The structural plan calls for an LVL beam but does not state if it should be below or above the clerestory. It would make sense to me that it would be above the clerestory to carry the trusses. This would, however, make the LVL beam stick above the double top plate on each side. Then likely  the truss would need to be modified to have a notch that fits on the LVL beam or sits in a hanger. Is this a common scenario or am I misunderstanding something? Thank you.

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  1. Patrick OSullivan | | #1

    If I'm visualizing this correctly, this is somewhat analogous to a structural rim joist (if say there was another floor sitting on top of this one, rather than a truss roof).

    I would expect your plans to show this detail. It doesn't sound like they do, so I would go back to the design professional of record for guidance.

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