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Magic Window Innovations and Thermal Blinds

3BSHHTj8zs | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Does anyone have experience with a window manufacturer in Toronto named Magic Window Innovations? Do their claims of energy efficiency have much merit, including the use of thermal blinds, or are they guilty of green-washing as well?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    I see the web site, but I'm not sure what claims you are referring to. Do you have a specific question, or are you just promoting the link?

  2. user-729621 | | #2

    They are PVC, which isn't green, and they have that Don Cherry , who thinks cyclists are Pinkos, as their spokesman. That's a deal breaker for me.

  3. 3BSHHTj8zs | | #3

    I'm not promoting their website. They're promoting dual-pane glass in lieu of triple glazing. They say with their dual pane windows, they allow maximum sunlight in during the day, but at night, they install a thermal blind to lower the U-factor, reducing heat loss.

    As for Don Cherry, his suits are legendary.

  4. user941025 | | #4

    The existence of that guy is an affront to the legacy of the real Don Cherry, the late jazz musician who played with Ornette Coleman and Albert Ayler. I urge you to boycott this company until that jerk changes his name. Windows will wear out or break, but the insane music produced within the 20th Century will last for generations, so don't be a sucker. I thank you.

  5. YKPUgh8xPD | | #5

    Logan, Check out My belief is that if you have reasonably good condition windows the better investment is to truly insulate the glass rather than replace it. The website shows an R-5 insulating value for the slider. I assume that's with the "thermal blind" which is not explained very well. Web folks - why so difficult to edit here? The only thing I can do to correct is backspace. Had to do a bunch of erase/re-enter rather than left arrow to typo and retype one letter.

  6. AU7NzUtHmb | | #6

    Logan, please do check rugsandblinds if you want any information about window blinds. You can get detailed information here.

  7. propeller | | #7

    Logan, to see if their claims have merit, please by-pass the manufacturer marketing hype and take a look at their specs here. I'm not impressed by the SHGC but it may fit your needs.

  8. h6iRpUWjbs | | #8

    From my understanding, Magic Windows are extremely energy efficient because their screens and blinds allow you to change the VT, SHGC, and UFactor- which obviously is important for climates that have changing temperatures or that experience extreme heat (summer) and extreme cold (winter) i.e. Toronto.

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