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Maintenance costs for HRV/ERVs

user-719615 | Posted in Mechanicals on

I am considering using a high efficiency ERV that uses a rotating wheel type heat exchanger. Someone told me that this type of design is much more maintenance intensive compared to other HRV/ERVs that use a crossflow or counterflow heat exchanger core. Does any one have any data or experience to support or debunk this claim?


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  1. Robert Riversong | | #1

    You're not getting any responses so, even though I've got no first hand experience with ERV's, I'll offer the obvious.

    Any mechanical device that relies on a motor, belts or other drive mechanisms, bearings and seals is going to require more maintenance and cost more to operate than a similar device with passive elements.


    I've had one cross flow unit running on a clock timer with only filter maintenance for over twenty years and I've had one that was on a user controlled switch in the master bath that needed a new fan motor after 8 years. Replacing that motor was a pain but not all that expensive once I got all the right parts together. No complaints or maintenance beyond filters on the others I've installed but I don't know what their service history is either.

    I've only installed one of the dessicant wheel units and have lost touch with the owners of that house, it was quite a while back. I think it was made by Honeywell and it seemed not as durable as the others I had done so I went back to cross flow after that, my understanding is that that model has been discontinued.

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