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Make up air for stove vent to come from crawl space?

MikeRue | Posted in Mechanicals on

New house under construction in Seattle (4C?)suburb that I am building to passive house standards.

I have a fully insulated crawl space with external rigid insulation all the way to the footer.  The crawl space will have a push fan constantly on and 8 passive air intakes.

Crawl space has a rat slab with plastic underneath.

There are no combustion appliances in the house. I intend to have my stove vent operating whenever there is ANY cooking going on and am taking many measures to make the system quiet. Given that this will be an induction stove top, I expect to pull approximately 300 –  350 CFM.

Is there any reason why I cant locate the passive makeup air supply pipe to mount under the stove to pull air from the crawl space?   It will make a much easier installation and perhaps an advantage of tempered air (50 -55 degrees) as well.

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  1. Expert Member


    Your description confuses me a bit. You have a 'push fan" from where to where? and how does that interact with the passive vents? Is the crawlspace vented or conditioned?

  2. MikeRue | | #2

    I will have an unconditioned crawl space. Insulation between floor joists. Upon closer examination of my plans, there is no provision for a crawl space fan….all passive

    1. Expert Member
      MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #3


      I can't think of why it wouldn't work. It should have some damper to close it off when the fan is not on or it will pull an awful lot of cold air into the house though.

      Does it make sense to insulate the crawlspace walls if you are venting it?

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