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Manual J load calculation software

saltbox1771 | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

Does anyone know of a software application which can be used to run Manual J heating and cooling loads which actually uses up to date R values or wall and ceiling assemblies? Cool Calc does not allow any choice higher than R-38 for roofs and doesnt allow the user to enter his specific R values for their walls/ceilings. I know there are others out there, but would prefer some help from someone who has already identified the better ones available..


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  1. Matt_Teal | | #1

    Hot2000 is free, and works alright,. I would like to see the library's updated or find a proper download for one. But you can enter your own R values. Would anyone have a link for libraries?

    I also found one from an American site where you actually draw the house in 3D but I forget it's name off the top of my head. It was also free, and I believe came from a DOE website. I didn't like the set up as much so I moved on from it.

  2. steve2021_5a | | #2

    BEOpt is from is another option I have seen mentioned

    I have not used either, I am hopeful homeowner just starting the build process

  3. saltbox1771 | | #4

    Thanks John. Do you have any experience with any of them? Im hoping to find one which someone has already tried and is happy with.

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