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Manual J questions

rhl_ | Posted in General Questions on

In the Wrightsoft Manual J software is reports a latent load value for the entire floor. Your floor level cooling load is the sum of the room by room loads + the latent for the floor. 

When installing ductless or in my case, chilled water, how do you account for those latent loads at each head? Should I assign latent loads in proportion to the sensible loads? is it uniform per room? Should you oversize by just adding the same latent load to each head?


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  1. GBA Editor
    Brian Pontolilo | | #1

    Hey Ryan.

    I can't answer your question, but I'll give it a bump, hoping that someone who can sees it soon.

  2. CramerSilkworth | | #2

    Group the Rooms into Zones in the software (use the Multizone Tree) and in the detailed load report you'll get the latent loads for each zone.

  3. Jon_R | | #3

    How much latent load a room has is very dependant on what the moisture sources are. For example, imagine what happens when the wind is from the north and all infiltration occurs on the north side and the south side experiences only ex-filtration.

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