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Manual S for house with no furnace or AC

Annie_C | Posted in Mechanicals on

Help please!  I am building a new, tight 1,500 sf mountain cabin.   Climate zone 6,  R49 roof, R32 walls, R16 slab, R5 windows.  SIPs walls, we will be sealing and testing for good air tightness.  We have vacationed in the area for years and it’s both dry and cool at night all summer and barely hits 80 any day of the summer; we won’t need AC.  The house will be heated only by electric baseboard heaters.  By personal experience we know this will be sufficient and we have verified this via Manual J (BTUH max under 19,000).

 The county is requiring a Manual J, S and D forms, all filled out.  We have no AC, we have no furnace.  The only ducting we have is for the ERV.  I am doing the forms myself because we have no HVAC guy (and I’m not sure I’d trust a local guy to size a house this small and efficient). 

Does anyone have any idea how to fill out a required Manual S so the county can tick the box that it’s submitted without errors when none of form data is applicable?  I have searched for “passive home” “Manual S” and come up absolutely blank,

I appreciate any guidance you can offer.  It seems crazy that we are being asked to submit a form that does not relate to our design at all but we are.  

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  1. user-6623302 | | #1

    Did you talk to your building official?

  2. Annie_C | | #2

    My contractor has. They say it's a required form for the permit, following IRC 2018.

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