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Masonry heaters and U.S. building code?

user-1137156 | Posted in Building Code Questions on

From what I understand US codes require two walls of masonry. My question is can the outer wall requirement be met with ” stuco”, and if yes is there a minimum thickness? Apparently European codes allow “single wall masonry heaters.

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  1. wjrobinson | | #1

    Jerry, there is no US bilding code. Contact your local building code office for your needs. Also I would call a seller of Masonry heaters.

    What is stuco? And how about a posting a detail?

  2. Expert Member
  3. Alex House | | #3

    One aspect you may want to investigate is the requirement that flues and smoke chambers not be inclined more than 45 degrees from the vertical. Sometimes this is resolved by having an engineer stamp the design.

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