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Matthews Brothers Windows

user-1102988628 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Doing a gut remodel with dense pack double stud walls in CT. Thinking of using Matthews Brothers windows (triple pane U19-). Is there someone that can speak about these windows? I have seen them and like them but am having doubts that they may be the weak spot in our high performance house. Should I consider Access windows/Wasco or Logic tilt turns instead?

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  1. user-5946022 | | #1

    Have you looked up their airtightness on the database for that?

  2. nynick | | #2

    Check out Alpen. I'm in CT also and will probably be using them.

  3. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #3

    Mathews Bros, with one "t." I installed one of their double-glazed casements in my kitchen and it has worked well for 8+ years. I spec'd their triple-glazed line on a recent project, which will be my second high-performance project with them, but I have not installed them myself. An architect friend of mine is using them on high-end houses on Cape Cod and thinks they are good windows. Their frames are smaller than European-style windows and the glass is rated differently so it's impossible to get an accurate comparison. From what I've seen, I think they are a good option when cost and performance are paramount. They don't have the same level of gasketing and thermal breaks that European windows have, but they are comparable to other North American windows.

    If you are interested in European tilt/turn style, I have used Logic several times, assembled in Pennsylvania. They are high-quality and high-performance. Being PVC, I wouldn't expect any of them to last more than 30 years, but that's true of most windows and doors these days.

  4. dirkgently | | #4

    I worked with MB tripple panes (mostly double hung) on a net zero development back in 2010 era. At that time like any vinyl window the frames are like noodles and if any of the taller windows are not installed using a straight edge on the sides to be sure they are not wavy.....they will leak a lot of air.
    By the 3rd house the builder started getting the windows with pre applied wide exterior casing with j fin for vinyl.......this made the windows much more rigid and installation was much easier to get right, so the furry weather strip was able to do its job. All of the owners seemed satisfied with the windows.
    The tripple pane 8' tall sliders were pretty awful...but that is a lot of weight for a vinyl frame.
    MB new very realistic "fake wood interiors" look really sharp.
    I would check the VT numbers on the higher R value glass packages they offer.

  5. dozik | | #5

    I know this is an old thread, but I’m curious if you went with the Mathews Brothers triple pane units. I am looking at them as an option but am a bit concerned about their relatively low VLT value and whether it makes the spaces they are installed in feel dim. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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