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Hole Size in Top Plate

derekr | Posted in General Questions on

My walls are 16 on center but my roof is 24 on center, the top plate is 2 2×6

So only half of the rafters and upstairs floor joists line up with my wall studs
So half of them have studs directly below below them and half are just on the top plate with no stud directly below them

if I drill a hole in the top plate that’s close to joist that has no stud below it how big of a hole can I drill

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  1. Expert Member
    1. derekr | | #2

      Thanks but I don’t see anything about if the rules change if your rafters and floor joists don’t line up with all the studs below

  2. plumb_bob | | #3

    Wall and roof framing are only required to be aligned if you use a single top plate. You have a double top plate and the code quote supplied by Malcolm is for your situation.

    1. derekr | | #4

      And it’s ok to drill holes in it when they aren’t aligned aswell?

      My 2nd floor joists aren’t aligned either since they are 24 oc with the roof

      Ok thanks, guess I’ll go with it, just seems like alot of weight on the top plate only to be drilling holes in it

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