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Mechanical sash operators for inside sash weight pocket

steveworks | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on


I’m trying to eliminate the iron sash weights and still get operable windows.

Somewhere in my travels I’ve seen ( at lest I think I have) springs or some sort of lifting mechanism mounted in a tube, that fits inside the sash weight pocket. I’ve been running into homes that have beautiful operable windows and trim that I don’t want mess up with vinyl spring slides that are exposed. I’d like to put the “tubes” in the sash weight pockets and them foam them in to insulate and knock down the air leaks.

Can anybody point me to where I can buy these and if anybody as done this I’d like to hear how you did it so I don’t have to reinvent this wheel.

Thanks much

Steve Greenberg

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  1. steveworks | | #1

    Can't believe I answering my own question! I found a window counterbalance should by the Pullman Mfr Company that fits into the socket where the old pulley would go. Not sure how durable they are, but they would be easy to replace if they wear out. They are rated for the wight of the sash so that would be nice to know before picking them up.

    If anyone has a better idea I'm still interested

    More embarrassing part of this is I found A "Ask This Old House" video explaining this. Thanks Tommy

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