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Fine Homebuilding subscription questions

jaccen | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

Hello all.

I didn’t get a response from the Taunton email, so I will ask here.

I went to recently renew/reinstate my GBA membership and noticed the FineHomeBuilding option.  Since it is not clear (to me) what the $39.95 yearly subscription nets me, I was wondering if someone could explain it.  As I understand it, the $39.95 is:
-8 print copies
-digital access to old copies
I base that on this page (where those options are $37.95):
My questions are:
-is the $39.95 option available to me the $37.95 or the $79.95 option or neither?
-if it is not the $79.95 option, how does one recommend purchasing that option?
-are there any options where one can get full digital access only?  I am in Canada and, usually, the print options with sites are either a nightmare to navigate/set up or add considerable cost that I would rather not deal with.


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  1. GBA Editor
    Brian Pontolilo | | #1

    Hi Jaccen.

    I'll send a link over to the editorial director at FHB and ask him to respond here, or I'll relay his response. I'm not up on the FHB pricing model, and if it has changed at all, but I think the lower cost option is for the print magazine and access to the digital versions of the print magazine, which is the same thing in two different formats, but doesn't include anything archival, or and membership. And the higher cost option, I believe includes ongoing print and digital issues, plus access to everything on the website, so lots of content (print, video, etc.) that was made exclusively for and every article and column ever published in print from issue 1.

    But again, let me check on this. More to come...

    1. jaccen | | #2

      Thanks Brian.

      I'm potentially interested in purchasing--I just have a habit of not cutting cheques for goods or services not clearly defined.


  2. JFink | | #3

    Hi Jaccen,
    You can get Print plus digital editions (which is just the digital editions of the issues in your print subscription, not back issues) for $37.95/year. Or, you can get full site access, including digital editions and the online archive of all past issues and access to the Visual Handbook of Building and Remodeling for $74.95/year. We don't sell digital-only options of subscriptions or memberships in US or CA, but a digital-only membership can be requested from customer service by calling 888-304-6044. The price for digital-only membership is still $74.95/year.

    1. RussMill | | #4


      You have come to the OTHERSIDE! Good to see you here.

  3. jaccen | | #5

    I actual, upon reflection, went through my Spam folder and found that I had been replied to. My bad. Only seems fair to post the reply so the verbal spankings can be held back.

    For future reference:

    Thank you for contacting Taunton Store.

    A print subscription to Fine Homebuilding includes digital issues of Fine Homebuilding on our app. A one year print subscription to Fine Homebuilding is $37.95.

    A Fine Homebuilding All Access membership is $74.95 per year. With a Fine Homebuilding All Access membership, you will have access to everything Fine Homebuilding has to offer. See below for an overview of the new bundle.

    - Fine Homebuilding Online Archive: Get access to the online version of every issue we have ever published, updated every year, and fully searchable ($99.95 value).
    - Fine Homebuilding magazine: 1 year (8 issues) sent to your home ($37.95 value). US and Canada only.
    - Fine Homebuilding digital issues: available on our app
    - 1600+ In-Depth Articles
    - 750+ On-Demand Videos
    - 1700+ Reader Tips
    - Builders Virtual Library: 5 digital full-length books on key topics
    - Home Repair Guide (free digital booklet)
    - Visual Handbook of Building and Remodeling, 4th Edition

    If you have a current membership, you may upgrade to Fine Homebuilding All access. We currently do not offer a discount to Fine Homebuilding All Access for print subscribers.

    To order a Fine Homebuilding All Access Membership, please visit:

    To sign in to your Fine Homebuilding All Access Membership, please visit:

    The Fine Homebuilding online archive can be purchased separately. To start your Fine Homebuilding Online Archive membership, please visit:

    We hope you find this explanation helpful.
    If we can be of further assistance, please let us know. To ensure your future concerns are handled in a timely fashion, please include all previous e-mail correspondence.

    Thank you,

    1. GBA Editor
      Brian Pontolilo | | #6

      Ha. No worries, Jaccen.

      You are always welcome to ask questions here. I'll do my best to dig up some sort of answer.

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