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Midea ductless AC / minisplit

dug8498 | Posted in General Questions on

Good Morning All,

I have been trying to research these Midea Mini split units and this site is the only place I’ve found any mention of them! We bought a house last year with no AC and dont plan on doing another summer without. My wife works for Bosch, and can get an unbelievable discount on the heads & condensers (the units are just re-branded Mideas). We were initially having a very very difficult time finding anyone willing to install equipment that we bought, but I think we have found someone.

We got quotes from HVAC professionals that would install either Mitsubishi or Daikin units and the prices were double what we would be paying to install the Midea units.

My question is this- are we making a smart choice having these Midea units installed or should we pay more to have a better known brand installed. All of the HVAC professionals told me the Bosch/Midea units were probably not very good, but they also admitted having no experience with them…. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Expert Member
    Dana Dorsett | | #1

    Some of what you're paying for is the quality of the support. If they're selling them I hope Bosch has a reasonable level of technical and warranty support for the product(?). If something fails on it 4 years from now will you have to wait 6 months for replacement parts? Hard to say. Even Mitsubishi (which has very good north American support) sometimes has a few weeks of delay to get parts for older models still under warranty.

    The quality of the hyper heat Midea units using Toshiba's compressors seems pretty good- good enough that Carrier and other companies re-brand them under their own nameplate. (I believe Carrier used to re-brand Gree units.) As a company they are a huge home appliance (large & small) company with a reputation for quality & value in the Chinese market.

    Since your spouse works for another company marketing Midea under their own nameplate she is in a better position to find out their reliability numbers than most of us.

    1. dug8498 | | #2

      Hi Dana,

      Thanks for the quick reply. At a 10K difference in price to buy/install parts, I don't mind if the customer service isn't quite as good... but my understanding is that technical and warranty support is decent. It's all based in the US, so that's a plus, and I know parts are stocked in the US.

      Good idea to check on the reliability numbers and I'm glad to hear that you hear that other companies trust these units enough to re-brand them. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the mitsubishi hyper heat quote we got....

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