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Source for Formaldehyde-Free Mineral Wool Batts

sethf | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I’m having trouble finding either the Rockwool AFB EVO batts or the Thermafiber Ultrabatt FF for sale by any retail chains.

HomeDepot and Lowes both carry the formaldehyde version.  I haven’t tried special ordering yet through the service desk.

Does anyone know if these products are available to consumers anywhere or do I have to go through an insulation contractor?


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  1. bittball | | #1

    Hi Sethf,
    Did you have any luck finding either of these retail?

  2. sethf | | #2


    Sadly no. I think I could have gotten it from some "insulation supply" companies in the area if I was willing to place a big order. We ended up going with loose fill fiberglass because of the weight characteristics. Good luck to you!

    Edit: before we decided on the fiberglass I was considering just using the formaldehyde version since we have an open attic.

  3. Granular | | #3

    I called Owens Corning last year trying to find it - was told not sold west of Chicago - bizarre. Seems its mostly marketed for commercial which I find even more bizarre. That the vast majority of mineral wool still uses formaldehyde binders is incredible, especially since fiberglass was reformulated to get rid of formaldehyde binders decades ago.

  4. GBA Editor
    Kiley Jacques | | #4

    This looks like a promising place to start: Source for formaldehyde-free mineral wool batts

    1. user-5946022 | | #5

      Link takes you to a "Page not found" screen....Can you please repost link?

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