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Mini-split heating efficiency – Floor/ceiling mounted vs concealed duct

ErikOlson | Posted in Mechanicals on

Comparing efficiencies between floor mounted and concealed duct mini splits.  Using 9k btu H2i Mitsubishi units for an apples-apples comparison.

MZ-KJ09NA (Floor mounted)
SEER: 28.2
HSPF: 13.0
SE-KD09NAH (Concealed duct)
SEER: 17.3
HSPF: 9.8

Plugging the numbers into a BEopt sim shows a 28% increase in energy usage yearly for the concealed duct version.

* Is the difference from the outdoor unit (M series vs S series)?
* Will the difference in spec and simulation translate into a real-life difference in energy use?

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