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Mini Split Outdoor Unit Placement

nickdefabrizio | Posted in GBA Pro Help on

As Winter begins to approach I am planning to add another low temp 12k Fujitsu mini split. Before I engage the HVAC techs I wanted to figure out the optimal placement of the outdoor condenser unit so I downloaded the Fujitsu install manual. The manual seems confusing regarding vertical clearance above the unit. On the one hand, it sets a minimum verticle clearance above the top of the unit for any overhead obstruction (aka roof) of about 24 inches.  Since I want to place the unit under an 8 foot high/ 8 foot deep porch (that seems perfect to keep the unit dry and ice free) I thought I would be fine…… However, the manual  also seems suggest that in addition to the minimum vertical clearance, a  roof cannot extend more than  7 inches beyond  the outside face of the unit. The way this is phrased suggests that this is a requiremnt regardless of whether the minimum vertical clearance is met. This doesn’t make sense when applied to a roof well above the minimum  clearance required.

Does anyone have any insights into this point? Am I reading this wrong?? Thanks.

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    Take a picture and sketch in exactly where you want to place the unit and which direction the fan will be blowing.

    Most of the clearance specs are to limit restriction and to avoid recirculating the exhaust from the outdoor fan. Recirculation could be a problem in an under-porch install.

  2. nickdefabrizio | | #2

    Unfortunately my scanner is not working so I can't do a drawing but here is a picture of my other mini split that is under the porch. As you can see, there is at least 4-5 feet of clearance on the top of the unit./ I wanted to mount the new one next to this one (with appropriate side clerarance ).

  3. greenright | | #3

    What direction the prevailing winds are in the winter? As long as they don’t blow in the front 180 of the face of the unit I would t worry about putting another one next to this one

    1. nickdefabrizio | | #5

      thanks. Good question about prevailing wind....I will have to think about that

  4. Expert Member
    Akos | | #4

    That looks pretty open, I think you are good. From your original post, I though you are mounting it bellow a raised porch floor which is where you can get into trouble.

    1. nickdefabrizio | | #6

      Thanks. I think you are right. Lots of room. The only other issue is that the unit would be under the oil tank vent, but I think that the only time vapors come out of it is when it is filled (hopefully once or twice a year at most. )

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