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Minimal maintenance grout

Beenash Khan | Posted in General Questions on

Hello All,

Tried searching the archives but couldn’t find anything. Looking to get some info on grout that requires minimal maintenance.

My tile guy uses “TEC grout” but I have heard good things about ” The Power Grout” by AccuColorEFX which I think is Epoxy mixed or something like that.

Possible for GBA experts give us their expert feedback?



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  1. Expert Member
    Malcolm Taylor | | #1

    If you want low maintenance, use epoxy grout. It is more expensive, very difficult to install, but yields a superior product.

  2. Beenash Khan | | #2

    Installer says stay away from epoxy grouts (wonder why)? Is it the installation or is it something else?

    I have heard very good things about LATICRETE SpectraLOCK, an epoxy based grout but convincing the installer is a whole new ball game LOL

  3. Expert Member
    Malcolm Taylor | | #3


    Tilers hate epoxy grout for several reasons. It's a quite different process so you need to a new skill set. You have to work in small batches, so you don't just go in mix up and do a full shower surround in an hour and go home. The other problem is if it goes off to quickly and sets up you've got a huge problem getting it out. I do a fair amount of tiling and I've never built up the nerve to try it.

    That said, once in it's a much better product than regular grout.

  4. Jake Pacek | | #4

    What you want is an epoxy grout. After it's cured it rather resembles plastic than an ordinary send/cement mixture. It's waterproof. Meaning that if you drop a glass of coffee or coke on a kitchen floor there will be Zero danger of staining the grout as no liquid can penetrate it. Of course that tilers absolutely hate to work with it as it's like grouting with a chewing gum, triple the pain of normal grouting... Yes, the application of it has to cost money as the material itself is expensive and the aplication is insanely unpleasant. DO NOT try to do this on your own as it's guaranteed that you'd wreck the tiles no matter how handy you are. It's a job for tilers and probably not the lot of them either.

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