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Minimum Venting for ERV

kandrews5725 | Posted in Mechanicals on

Looking for some advice on exhausting an ERV system in a 1950 sq ft two bedroom, two and a half bathroom house. Wondering if it would be adequate to only vent the two upstairs bathrooms out and bring the fresh air into our bedrooms?

We have a bonus room over our garage, as well as the entire first level. Again, this planned configuration would only exhaust the upstairs bathrooms and bring fresh air into our bedrooms.

The two bedrooms and two bathrooms make up the entire second floor area, around 650 sq ft. The remaining area would go unvented. Would we still get enough hourly air exchanges throughout the entire home with this setup?

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  1. rajibroy | | #1

    Not an expert opinion:
    Air quality depends on distribution; dilution of pollutants from indoor living space. One can achieve large air exchange in any set of rooms designed for a much larger space. But it doesn't mean a well rounded distribution.

    Let's think about placing all light bulbs in the upstairs only; would there be light in the downstairs? Some diffused light maybe. But no where enough!

    Being that said, any ventilation os better than none!

    Seems like an existing construction. There are many options for introducing or integrating ventilation ducts. GBA has a plenty of resources. Hope it helps.


  2. Expert Member
    Deleted | | #2


    1. kandrews5725 | | #3

      This is new construction. Double stud wall. Will do as much air sealing as possible. I'm considering rethinking the placement of the erv vents and just venting the bathrooms traditionally. The issue is I don't want to end up with long duct runs or inadequate ventilation.

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