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Minotair Pentacare-V12

Dayna | Posted in General Questions on

We want to install Minotair Pentacare-V12 but have not been able to contact any HVAC Companies near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania that are familiar with this system so can anyone share their experience or knowledge with finding someone to purchase and install Minotair Pentacare-V12? At this point I would pay someone to come to PA to do it just to have heat again since our central heat and air system is still producing horrible smell and I can’t use without breathing/asthma issues. The system was diagnosed as dirty sock syndrome 2 years ago during summer and after we replaced the (spotlessly clean) a-coil it was fine, until it began again 2 weeks ago so we took out the A-COIL (since it is winter) and replaced UVC lights and quality air filter, but still can’t get rid of the smell, so minotair is what was advised by a west coast building biologist.  Having to use electric heaters to keep warm this winter, while caring for elderly disabled father, is not sufficient, so if anyone can offer advice I greatly appreciate it🙏🏻

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  1. Tim_O | | #1

    Try these guys. They aren't local to you, but they gave me a quote and were willing to sell the unit for you or someone local to install.

    That said - I don't see how the Minotair solves your issue? Sounds like you have something going on. Minotair is just an ERV with built in heat pump that may or may not support your heat load. At your design temperature, the Minotair puts out around 1.5x as much heat as a single plug in electric heater.

  2. rondeaunotrondo | | #2

    I tried to contact the minotair company in CA for 6 mo or so last year and was not able to talk to anyone. It was concerning especially if you needed support. If you want to look into a unit like this I would recommend the CERV2 from I'm ducting one of these myself. The people who work at the company are excellent and very responsive. But as the poster above said, this isn't going to solve your wet sock problem.

    1. Tim_O | | #3

      That's odd, I reached out to them via email and heard back right away. Maybe when you reached out it was such a busy time they overlooked it?

      1. rondeaunotrondo | | #4

        Oh well that’s good that they are now responding.

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