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Missing kickout flashing

mpg9999 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I don’t have kickout flashing on any of my wall/roof intersections. In fact, I’ve never actually seen a house in my area that has kickout flashing. My house does have the last (or I guess the first) piece of step flashing sticking out in front of the siding. The area I’m most concerned about has a downspout emptying just above the wall. I think I should extend it further so it doesn’t dump right along the wall.

After it rained I noticed the brick skirt underneath the siding was wet. Does it look like that is from water getting behind the siding? Or could that be water running over top the siding and wetting the brick that way? Either way I guess the proper thing to do is install kickout flashing and extend the downspout, but if that much water is in fact getting behind the wall, I’d like to take care of it sooner rather than later. My siding is a vinyl cedar shake. It’s a lot thicker and less flexible than standard vinyl siding. Anyone know if one of those vinyl siding tools will work on this stuff?

I also have a metal roof over a porch with a roof/wall intersection on both sides. They just caulked the joint between the siding and roof. Please see the attached picture. How is that area normally flashed?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    I'm pretty sure that you knew the answer to your question before you posted it. There is no kickout flashing, so kickout flashing needs to be installed. When the work is being done, you may be able to determine what areas have been getting wet.

    The photo of the metal roofing shows sidewall flashing with no kickout flashing at the base of the sidewall flashing. The roofer apparently looked at the vinyl J-channel and didn't know what to do. He panicked -- and decided that a glob of caulk might help.

  2. davidmeiland | | #2

    Not easy to see what's going on, but a proper kickout flashing directs water right into the gutter. Does not appear to be the case where the roofing is shingles, but at least the bottom step is out over the siding. The downspout is definitely in a terrible spot. The metal roof photo is unclear as to what's going on. To know why the brick is wet you should perhaps do some water testing with a garden hose on the roof on a dry day. In general, it is often necessary to peel back some of the layers to see what is going on, but I'd have to say that none of your photos show work that is obviously right.

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