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Mitsubishi Ceiling Cassette Modern Minisplits

cbut8995 | Posted in General Questions on


Anyone have good experience with these modern minisplits? I was looking at using a duct minisplit but heard its a lot more maintenance and condensate easily. I wanted one that could be seamless and modern looking that doesnt protrude from the wall.

I know these dont modulate down to the low 1000 btu like the wall mounts but its odd there arent ANY that can modulate as low as a wall mount even at a 1 to 1 configuration and still have a modern recessed in the wall or ceiling look.

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  1. Patrick_OSullivan | | #1

    I considered using these, but ultimately decided against it as doing so would have required line sets to be buried in a very difficult to repair/access place.

    If you're concerned about the wall placement, consider floor mounts, which tend to have SEER ratings closer to their wall mount equivalents.

  2. djmoore14 | | #2

    We opted for one of these in our main living area as my wife isn't big on the look of the more traditional wall mount. It is part of a multi set up (1 of 3, ducted and traditional wall mount in basement), so couldn't utilize the modulation as much anyways. Very happy with the looks, no one even notices, and from what I can tell, it performs just as well as a wall mount. Easy to clean filters, takes a bunch of humidity out, install was more difficult but not enough to be an impediment. As discussed in many other posts, an external thermostat isn't a bad idea for these. It wasn't running badly but I did opt to get one for this and my wall mount as they weren't that expensive and then I don't rely on the fan and set points are more accurate.

  3. Jon_R | | #3

    > don't modulate down to the low 1000 btu

    This is a good thing. The narrow refrigerant modulation range is a better match to the fan range, meaning that the CFM/ton remains reasonable and dehumidification works properly.

    1000 btu/hr with say 150 CFM means no latent removal (a common mini-split problem).

  4. jason_v | | #4

    Thanks Jon R. We are planning 3 of these units to cool our house, but i have never been able to find the documentation that describes the modulating range, can you direct me to where i can find it? Thanks in advance.

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