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Mitsubishi FH Wall Unit I See Sensor Noises

JoeSBoston | Posted in Mechanicals on


I have a newly installed a 5 zone hyperheat system (2 outdoor units). 3 of the 5 zones are served by FH wall units w/ the I see sensor. My 9k unit was making a constant dull spinning/revving/mechanical noise, until I disabled the I see sensor. The noise was constant, consistent, and sounded internal, it was not correlated with the actual movement of the external i see sensor (or to fan speed or other settings). 

For those who have FH units- how much noise do they make compared to other wall units? Enough to be disruptive in a quite bedroom? 

This claim is subjective (and the issue I’m having w/ my installer), but I’m certain that all three of my FH wall units make the sound at different intensities/volumes. Master Bedroom is the worst, Nursery is second worse, Downstairs is barely noticeable. My main concern is that my master bedroom unit was damaged prior to install and I want to get it corrected while the contractor is still in the picture.


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