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Mitsubishi Minisplit Turndown Ratios Technical data

jason_v | Posted in General Questions on

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

I have been looking for quite some for information on Mitsubishi mini split turn down ratios (for cooling) or any information on the details of their modulating, does anyone have any links to technical documents, especially with multi zone set ups?

I can find info on decibels, air velocity, SEER etc but no information on the ability of say a 9K system to modulate down to lower loads.

Thank you

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  1. silkwj | | #1

    Usually the submittal sheet will list max, rated, and min capacity somewhere.

  2. ianrking | | #2

    I asked the same question re: multi-zone setups on another thread:

    It seems that Mitsubishi provided the information you are looking for on the A and B generations of the MXZ units but for some reason does not for the current C generation.

    I believe the single-zone setups are quite well documented.

  3. jason_v | | #3

    Great, thank you

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