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Mitsubishi Non-Hyper Heat vs. Hyper Heat Heat Pump (Central PA)

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Recently purchased a house built in 1962 in Central Pennsylvania. It’s a Cape Cod style house with a kickout on the second floor. When I purchased the house, I knew that the AC system would need to be eventually replaced because it’s an older unit from 1995. House is roughly 1600sqf above grade.
Oil furnace is operating at 80% efficiency, so it’s good, but it’s going to need a lot of maintenance soon. Was installed in 1995, too.
The return is only good for about 480 cubic feet, need to double that.
There is no option for natural gas due to the location of the house.
I’m now looking at heat pumps to replace everything. Based on recommendations from a friend in Boston, I’m looking at Mitsubishi units. Looks like I can get a 18 SEER/12.5 EER/13.6 HSPF unit installed for $10.9K. The unit that’s being proposed is a SVZ-KP30/SUZ-KA30.

The other option is a PUZ-HAC30/PVAA30 Hyperheat system for $13.2K. The Hyperheat is good to below 0, which we’ll never see here in Central PA.
Along with the install, we will have a new return ran from the air handler to the first floor and reconnect the returns in the upstairs area, which should put it at 1100 cubic feet of return air.
Thoughts on the two units or any experience?

The HVAC company swears the non-Hyper Heat unit will be enough and that the extra cost from the heating strips (backup heat) will still be cheaper than our current AC/oil heat. 

I did get several quotes and one HVAC operation said they would only recommend a dual-fuel unit with a heat pump and an oil furnace. I’d really like to get away from oil, but he worried me when he said that a standalone heat pump wouldn’t be enough.


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