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Mitsubishi par33 thermostat issue

conwaynh85 | Posted in General Questions on


I have a mitsubishi par33 thermostat controlling a MVZ ducted heat pump.  The outside unit also runs a wall mount head unit, but that is controlled by another par33.  (I preferred the wall mount thermostats)  love the units they work great !

Here’s my issue, the thermostat is 7 degrees off from the indoor temp next to it.  So it is set at 63 but indoor at 71. 

I think the thermostat is set to the sensor on the ducted unit and not the thermostat itself.  I read the manual and saw nothing about how to fix this.  Then I did some googling and found my way into the service menu, then function settings.  It only shows 7,8,9,10 to be able to adjust.  Does anyone know which one if these will change the thermostat sensor? 

Thanks in advance !  I have learned a lot here, thanks to everyone for participating in such hi quality discussions.


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