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Mitsubishi SVZ moisture removal

TrayBiasiolli | Posted in Mechanicals on

Does anyone have experience with Mitsubishi SVZ air handlers with respect to humidity management in cooling mode? We’re thinking of specifying some of these (they can be paired with the new 9k-18k SUZ hyper-heat outdoor units), but the sensible ratio for the SVZ is listed as 0.92/0.93 (for 12k & 18k air handlers). I believe the larger capacity SVZ units also have sensible ratios > 0.9. Has anyone found these units unable to keep up with respect to humidity removal? Here in central VA, the latent capacity is important for us.

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  1. Steve Grinwis | | #1

    I have the big brother, the PVA air handler. It performs adequately for moisture removal in A/C mode, but super importantly, when the latent load exceeds the sensible load, you simply switch her over to "DRY" mode, and the thing turns into a moisture removal *MONSTER*, at the expense of efficiency. I end up using DRY mode during the shoulder seasons, where there is little demand for cooling, but I have no decent way of maintaining low humidity inside.

  2. TrayBiasiolli | | #2

    Thanks for the feedback, Steve, I'll check out the PVA sensible ratio specs and see how it compares to the SVZ. I'm comfortable suggesting dry mode to custom clients, but not sure it would get used correctly in some of our multi-family jobs.

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