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The Value of Mock-Ups in Construction

jerhullP | Posted in General Questions on

I am working with a team in my office to come up with a “Typical” construction mock-up detail or perspective that would achieve the largest bang for the buck.  We are trying to balance the preference/need for the mock-up with the cost to construct it, which typically will get value engineered out of the project by the contractor telling the owner how much it will cost.

Any suggestions?

Thanks to all.


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  1. user-5946022 | | #1

    In place mockup scheduled to remain, on one corner of building, that incorporates foundation to structure transition, one window, siding including corner, and transition to roof. Different parts of the mockup can be constructed at different times as long as the review for the part in question is prior to full scale production. The issue is often mobilizing the subs for the small mockup. On a really small project such as a home, for mockups that don't need testing, schedule the mockup for the first two hours of the first day of construction for that component.

    As the building size increases, the issue of mockup cost decreases.

  2. Expert Member


    With the ease and ubiquity of Sketch-up and other 3D modelling, I don't think there is a compelling case to do mock-ups any more.

  3. GBA Editor
    Kiley Jacques | | #3

    Hi Jeremy,

    This is a good question for Randy Williams, the author of this article: Modeling Software and Mock-Ups. He is a proponent of mock-ups in some situations and would likely have some insights on cost benefits. Try reaching him on Instagram @northernbuiltpro.

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