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Mold during renovation

casabian | Posted in General Questions on

Hi there, I’m in climate zone 5A.

I purchased a home that is a gut renovation and had some mold that was remediated before closing. 

We lifted the the house to pour a new foundation so it’s been exposed to the elements and I’m seeing new mold on sheet rock (attached). This will ultimately be removed but my question is if mold can get into the joists and other bones of the house such that I will continue to have the problem even after everything is closed up.

Any help is appreciated, thank you!

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  1. ssnellings | | #1

    Mold spores are everywhere. It turns into a problem when those spores find their way to a location with moisture, food, and the right temperature. If all you have is some mold on the side of drywall facing into living spaces (ie - there aren't a bunch of structure bays coated with microbial fur), it's a pretty small issue in the grand scheme of the project.

    Remediate the mold you see, and as soon as possible eliminate the source of moisture that is promoting the growth.

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