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mold resistant wallpaper paste

mjkaplan | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

Yes, wallpaper is a nono but it will only be in a few rooms, no humid rooms, don;t live in a humid area and we’re using densArmor throughout the entire house. paper will go on dens armour and, in one case, plaster (the stairwell is curved). designer is recommending a starch based paste which sounds like a delicious treat for mold. recommendations?

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  1. qofmiwok | | #1

    As you look at alternatives, be careful of "mold resistant" products. They often end up creating more toxic molds which make people sicker. The important thing is to have permeable wallpaper. If you want something like vinyl, many manufacturers will now perforate it so it is more permeable. And ideally only put the wallpaper on interior walls.

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