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monitoring AC performance on the hottest days of the year

acrobaticnurse_Eli | Posted in General Questions on

Is anyone else watching the thermometer and seeing how their HVAC is handling it with an eye towards design temps? I’m realizing much of this week is at and slightly above the 1% cooling day temp for my area of climate zone 3a. 

The fact that my single stage 3 ton heat pump is having no trouble keeping up and is still often off reinforces my view that a 2 ton heat pump would likely be more than enough, particularly one that is cold climate rated so it would maintain close to 2 tons of heating when at the 99% heating design temp. My heat pump drops to 1.5 tons at that point and is still enough. 

Thankfully I’m not totally reliant on the AC for dehumidification, though a smaller AC that runs more often would likely ease the load on my santa fe dehumidifier.

ps: I should of course express gratitude that I have a functioning AC right now. Not everyone’s AC is keeping up so well in my area, if it’s working at all. 

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  1. Expert Member
    DCcontrarian | | #1

    It was 99F in DC on Saturday, 98F yesterday. Our design temperature is 92F. I've been watching the temperature sensors and runtime like a hawk.

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