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Moovair heat pump

bc_chris | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Is anyone familiar with the quality/durability of the Moovair Heat Pump brand (

We are in Vancouver, BC (Zone 4) and replacing a Carrier gas furnace & AC with centrally-ducted heat pump system. We were initially getting the Mitsubishi Zuba but our house is older and has a low basement height for the air handler. Contractor is now recommending Moovair heat pump system for a slightly lower price. Not much information online about it, so I wanted to see if anyone has any experience with this system.


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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    Most of these are OEMed by either Midea or Gree. This one looks like a Midea.

    The specs are not too bad:!/product/56618/7/25000///0

    Usually these off brand units should be about $1500 to $2000 cheaper than a comparable Fujitsu/Mitsubishi.

    Before picking the unit, make sure to go through the calculations here to check sizing based on previous fuel usage:

    You generally want these right sized, meaning very close to actual load to get the best efficiency out of them. Plus a right sized unit is smaller/quieter/cheaper.

  2. bc_chris | | #2

    Thanks Akos. I haven't done the sizing calculations - the Ashton Services Group recommended a 3 ton system as our house is about 2500 sq feet. The specs on the 2 ton system you sent above look a bit better in terms of the HSPF and SEER, and the air handler is even smaller.

  3. Robotarmy | | #3

    Hey @bc_chris did you ever get the 3 ton moovair installed?

    How's it working out? I've got a quote in hand for something very similar, so if it's not a weird thing to ask, I'd love to come and see (and hear!) it!

    I'll...bring chocolate? Or something?

  4. Robotarmy | | #4

    Also, that offer stands for anyone in the lower mainland with a 3 ton moovair... Can I come check it out? I'll bring you cookies lol

  5. Seniorcitizen | | #5

    Hello bc_chris and Robotarmy:

    did you end up installing Moovair? Care to share your experiences?

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