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Most effective door weatherstripping?

user941025 | Posted in General Questions on

So, for blocking little air leaks around the perimeter of the door slab: of the typically available options–the felt stuff, the foam tape, the molded plastic fin stuff, the teardrop-shaped stuff, etc.–what’s the best plan of attack? What’s useless?

I’ve got some of that typical compression door seal stuff (whatever it’s called) installed on the jambs, and there’s a triple-seal sweep already installed, but it’s not really close to perfect yet.

I’ll also be installing it around my vent panel.

For what it’s worth, I have indeed looked at this:

(Didn’t see this covered when I ran a search, but, y’know….)

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  1. ZeoPmmFYpd | | #1

    a few thoughts:
    magnetic stripping is easy & very effective - obviously, doors must be metal;
    outswinging where bottom face of door closes againt raised threshold allows effective seal all around;
    soft-spongey stuff is effective, but often compresses too much and allows "anti-pick" feature on keyed locksets to engage in keeper;
    nail-on stuff subject to temperature change - less flexible when cold;
    sticky-backed stuff not consistently permanent enough;

  2. davidmeiland | | #2

    I think you can get acceptable performance from the Q-lon type weatherstripping, but the door and jamb have to be perfectly in plane with each other, which is often not the case (especially a few years later). If you want to knock it out of the park, install a three-point lockset on your door, so it will always be tight to the weatherstripping when closed.

  3. Envirocon | | #3

    Conservation Technology makes the best weatherstripping.

  4. wjrobinson | | #4

    Bill, thanks for the company insite.

    For others, the website;

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