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Most green LVP? Does greenguard gold certified mean anything?

PLIERS | Posted in General Questions on

Picking a finished floor in basement. I have my subfloor plans down. Looking at big box store brands lifeproof and smart core. Smartcore is greenguard gold certified so thinking that’s safer option for indoor air quality. Don’t know how much weight that carriers. Lifeproof doesn’t have that certification but it is infused with ultra fresh some kind of anti mold treatment which may be better. In no way is lvp green but since it works well in a basement environment would prefer to use lvp, just trying to pick the safer option. Unless there’s something out that is better that is priced around $3 a square foot that is at least 5mm thick. I was thinking smartcore for the greenguard certification. Also what happened to MGO board? Is anyone using it in floors, is it same or cheaper than plywood/osb right now. MGO subfloors seem impossible to find. I know that chain company basement finishing systems uses it in their products.

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  1. jonny_h | | #1

    Personal opinion? The greenest kind of LVP is that which is never manufactured because you decided to use a different type of flooring!

    Would it be an option to just have a well detailed moisture / vapor barrier over the slab and install some other type of flooring? Linoleum could be decently water resistant.

    I'd stay away from antimicrobial treated products -- the goal is to not get it wet in the first place, so mold shouldn't be an issue.

    Side note: Petition to rebrand "Luxury" Vinyl Planking? Maybe something like "Cheap Resilient Applied Pvc" would work? :P

    1. Expert Member
      MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #2


      LVP should just be kept on a shelf labelled "Thicker stuff".

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