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Most Reliable Electric Tank Water Heater and Recs

cbut8995 | Posted in General Questions on

We are purchasing 8 new electric water heaters for a multifamily project and we prefer them to be all tank versions. Any recommendations on super reliable ones as the units will be rented and are in a luxury rental building. 

Will need 7 of them to be at least 50 gallon and then 1 that would be 70+ gallon. We typically had good experience with Rheem and AO smith from the big box stores but this is our first high end build and dont want any problems. 

Also any specific ad ons than the traditional new construction install to make them more durable etc?


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  1. DRKnipp | | #1

    I have a Rheem Marathon, and have been very pleased. They are foam insulated and have a plastic tank. I purchased mine several years ago from a plumbing wholesaler, but have seen them recently at Menards. I have a water softener, and would highly recommend one.

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