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Working with a Motorized Caulking Gun

canada_deck | Posted in General Questions on

I’m doing a big exterior painting project so I bought one of those motorized caulking guns (the model from Rigid.) I tried it in a few different places but kept falling back to using the old-fashioned hand powered gun.  I just can’t get the right level of precision with the motorized one. I also find that the snap-back/release (not sure what to call it – but basically how far back it retreats to release pressure once you move your hand off the trigger) is fairly large and then it takes a while to very carefully monitor when it engages again. It might be different if I was caulking very long lines but I’m doing lap siding so it’s a ton of start and stop.

Has anyone else tried these? Are they better for different applications or maybe different guns from different companies are better?  I’m thinking of returning this one.

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  1. tdbaugha | | #1

    I have a dewalt model and love it. It has enough control that I even use it on high precision delicate tasks like shower glass, backsplash, etc. it’s a dream for exterior caulking that isn’t so tedious.

  2. Chris_in_NC | | #2

    I've only used the M18 Milwaukee gun (not the M12), and it works great. It's a heavy beast though. I borrowed it to eval, and I need to buy my own (maybe the sausage version first).
    Until then, I reach for my arsenal of manual Albion and Newborn guns with different feed ratios.

    I found some reviews for the Ridgid gun, and there seemed to be a lot of people mentioning the plunger retraction/re-engagement awkwardness that you're talking about. Sounds like your issue is likely down to that particular model of gun. That would be a really annoying problem to have for lap siding, definitely.

  3. dennis1273 | | #3

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    1. freyr_design | | #4

      This is pretty funny

      1. andy_ | | #5

        Who said AI spambots don't have a sense of humor?

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