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Move the interior 2×24 vertical EPS to the outside of foundation?

chuck77 | Posted in Plans Review on

For anyone who naturally performs THERM calculations in their head, the answer would be intuitively obvious, but to know for sure I’d have to stop and learn THERM (which wouldn’t be a bad idea).

Before I build this, would it be better to place to layers of vertical 2″ EPS on the outside, maybe 32″ and 16″ deep, to reduce what looks like an excessive thermal bridge right at the top of the foundation?
Cross section:

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  1. wjrobinson | | #1

    Clay.... design.... paid for engineered stamped plans.

    As to foam.. your plan has that covered IMO.

    One item left out that I use is an internal footer drain system. I am not an engineer but I have built where we decided ground water needed to be handled inside the footer.

    Oh and your exterior flashing, you could show that the landscape fabric laps under it and do so when constructing.

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