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Multi position air handler or mid-static horizontal for new construction

woodguy00 | Posted in General Questions on

Planning my 1825 square foot single story on a conditioned crawl new build. All ducts will be in the crawl – a central trunk and flex runouts.  I have room in crawl for either a multi position air handler or a horizontal mid static unit.  Would one work better than the other? While I believe the multi position air handlers operate at a preset constant speed setting, do the mid-static units ramp up and down in addition to the ramping on the outdoor compressor?

System will be a variable speed, inverter mini split in any case. Brand TBD based on local availability and service/install.

options from Mitsubishi:
The SUZ Universal Outdoor Unit is a part of the M-Series line of indoor and outdoor units, and is compatible with the PEAD mid-static and SVZ multi-position air handler indoor ducted units.

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  1. woodguy00 | | #1

    Any thoughts on which type of air handler is preferable?

  2. Patrick_OSullivan | | #2

    I have a Fujitsu mid-static unit. I love it. It seems to modulate continuously vs. "low/medium/high" that I suspect the "air handler" versions might do. Someone more familiar with the equipment would need to confirm that.

    Residential installers will be more familiar with air handler styled equipment. Some might balk at a mid-static install because it might be the first time they've ever installed one.

  3. woodguy00 | | #3

    Thanks for this. Good point on familiarity with a mid static type unit.

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