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Multiple Minisplit Heads in large room One Remote or Two?

kyeser | Posted in General Questions on

I just installed a couple Fujitsu minisplits heads in a large room.  The room is about 75 feet long so I wanted to space the heads for more even heating.  The heads run off a single condenser.  I put a single remote across the room in between the two heads.  The heads are spaced about 30 feet apart.  Is one remote the best way to control the two or should I use both remotes?

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  1. jwasilko | | #1

    I don't know the Fujitsu systems, but the remotes on Mitsubishi don't actually sense temperature--it's done at the head by default.

    1. joshdurston | | #3

      There's an option on whether to use the internal one or the remote one for Mitsubishi. The wireless remote that comes with the unit (looks kinda like a tv remote) doesn't have a sensor. The MHK1/2 remote is wireless and has a space sensor. There are also the Kumo cloud wireless space temp/humidity sensors and some wired options too.

  2. kyeser | | #2

    That's funny because I had heard that the temperature sensing in the Fujitsus was in the remote.

  3. joshdurston | | #4

    Commercially you can often slave units, but I'm not sure residentially. I would put a separate sensor in the area server by each unit, if you want to be discrete the Kumo cloud ones are fairly small.

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