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Multiple-zone high-velocity HVAC?

GBA Editor | Posted in Mechanicals on

Wondering if there are any multi-zone high-velocity HVAC systems that utilize one compressor and dampers to control temps in various zones?

Renovating a house and would like to use high velocity due to duct size and with 3 floors (all less than 1000 sf) was hoping to use a system that only needs one outdoor compressor.

Would likely only want/need one zone per floor.

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  1. Anonymous | | #1

    Use VRF sytem, cut the ductwork and fit a indoor unit in. the ductwork at the indoor unit discharge side becomes supply duct, the ductwork at the indoor unit intake side becomes return air duct.

    Individual indoor units connect to one condenser using refrigrant pipes.

  2. homedesign | | #2

    Your comment was kind of brief.
    Are you suggesting something like a multi-split?

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