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“Murky” Passivhaus Discussion Continues

John Brooks | Posted in PassivHaus on

One of the better GBA discussions is continuing …
interesting insights have recently been added.

The reason that I bring this up in the Question section is because there is no easy way to notice when new comments have been added to a Not-So-New Blog.

If anyone else notices new comments in the future… please post here
Or start a new question
KInd of like waving a flag… a sort of blog alert

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  1. John Brooks | | #1

    FYI...Blog Alert
    This blog is about to disapear from "page one" of the blog list...
    Yet interesting comments continue...73 comments to date

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    Some navigation hints: if you know that an interesting blog is about to disappear from Page One of the "Blog" landing page, you may prefer to access the blog from the landing page of its author.

    For example, my blog landing page ("Musings") can be accessed by clicking the word "Musings" near my photo in the upper right corner of the GBA home page.

    Another hint: It's always possible to bookmark a thread that appears to be generating interesting comments; that makes it easier to get back to the page in the future.

  3. John Brooks | | #3

    I already practice all of the hints that you have mentioned.....
    I find almost all NEW comments to be potentially interesting.
    I am always discovering new comments in old blogs by random navigation.

    Surely since you visit the JLC Forum ... you can recognize the feature that I am looking for?
    Ranking by recent comments.....Even Breaktime with Prospero limitations can manage it.

    Popular content window at GBA seems to not follow comment activity AT ALL
    I likely represent a high percentage of the paying members ;-)

  4. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #4

    Thanks for your comments. I brought up the need for better forum software at a GBA editors' meeting yesterday. We're working on it. Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to implement all desired Web site improvements as quickly as we'd like. But eventually these suggested improvements will occur. Again, thanks.

  5. Brian O' Hanlon | | #5

    @ John Brooks,

    I take your point about older blog entries still generating good comments. I think the policy you suggest, is not a bad one at all - a kind of e-mail alert to remind people about a blog entry. The blog entry in question about the thickness of foam, I had printed out and given to a pal of mine who sells insulation products here in Ireland. I wanted to get back to him with some questions, and your question posted here reminded me again about this. Thanks, and I'm going to check out those latest comments you mentioned also.

  6. Brian O' Hanlon | | #6

    By the way, as I am here, can I just commend GBA on the general layout and idea behind this website. I think the professional membership is something I will definitely avail of in the future. At the moment, I have moved away from front line construction involvement - and I am working more on the contractual, legal and financial aspects of project management. I was looking in the GBA community 'Project Management' section just now, and I may be back as time permits me, to submit something there. I think the 'strategies and details' section of the GBA website offers huge potential going forward, and looks like a really nice service. Keep up the good work.

    Last December, when I had some holidays I was going to get to reading a lot more 'Home Power' Magazine articles. That magazine also fills a nice niche in the renewable energy market for information, and the subscription over there is very reasonable.

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