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Solar Panel Success Report

AlexDomain404 | Posted in General Questions on

I recently ordered a 210watt panel to put on the roof of my Horse Shelter in the middle of the paddock. I was concerned that the 3/12 pitched roof that slants east to west and might not be optimal. So I oversized the panel. Well at 11am today I leaned the panel against the shed and it was pointing NORTH,NORTH WEST! Standing up.. I am currently plugging a 16″ Radiator Fan into it. This is a 12v 120watt fan that is only temporary till my new 20″ DC Barn Fan arrives.. Well as soon as I plugged it in.. It started spinning with no delay.. It was obviously not at full speed but! Fast enough to feel a nice breeze off of it. When I tested the current draw from that angle (almost no DIRECT sun) it was 2.5amps!!!!!! Holy shit! When I tested the fan on a 10amp power supply I measured 7.5amps @ Full Power. This panel is giving me 1/3 of that power at the worst possible angle and time of day… The panel is rated at 12.35amps PMAX.

The link of 210w:
210W 12V Monocrystalline Solar Panel

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  1. AlexDomain404 | | #1

    I just bought 3 x 100w semi-Felix solar panel from Newpowa

    I only spent $298 dollars for 3 solar panels,they are doing a Christmas campaign(take $50 off for purchase $300),

    I am waiting for the shipping, hope it work well

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