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My copper pipe is corroding and joints and faucets are being eaten up.

GBA Editor | Posted in Mechanicals on

Copper joints are green then turn to white powder substance. We have some very expensive gooseneck water spouts that tend to hold water and these fixtures are being destroyed by same as the copper joints. The water is extremely soft but contains a lot of salt. I would like to know what would be the best solution to correcting these problems.

Tom Fleming

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    If you have already had the water tested, you should find out whether any filters or treatments are available to address the specific salts in your water supply.

    The usual solution to copper corrosion caused by aggressive water is to replace all water lines with PEX.

    As for your "very expensive gooseneck water spouts" — you may have to settle for different (less expensive) faucets, unless you can come up with a whole-house water treatment system that addresses the salts in your water supply.

  2. Anonymous | | #2

    When we bought our house we were warned about copper-eating bacteria, so we purge the plumbing with bleach or peroxide several times a year. In 7 years we've had only one pinhole leak, near the main inlet, upstream of the purge. This may be worth a try for you.

  3. Terry Hill | | #3

    Have you tested the water PH?

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