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My project is insulating a 54 x 72 x14 pole barn in southwest Michigan

MIKEINMICH24 | Posted in General Questions on

My project is insulating a 54 x 72 x14 pole barn in southwest Michigan.

I was able to purchase 4′ x16’x 2″ EPS foam sheets with foil on one side for a very reasonable price, (small imperfections) from a near by manufacture. I installed it in the walls, foil side…

In the ceiling I installed the EPS in the 4′ space between the trusses, foil side down facing the interior, it will be covered with the interior steel liner and 14″ of blown in insulation will be above. The building has a concrete floor with drains. I plan to heat with LP gas (infrared tube heaters).

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    There are a couple of problems with your post.

    One sentence got truncated because you tried to cram your entire question into the box intended for the heading.

    The second problem with your post is that you forgot to ask a question.

    More info, please.

  2. MIKEINMICH24 | | #2

    More information from Michael Schumacher:

    I'm insulating a 54'x72'x14' pole barn in S.W. Michigan, zone 5. I installed 2" foam eps panels w/foil on one side, in between the post, fastened to the inside face of the 2x4 girts, foil side out. The seams where caulked & taped. The 3.5" additional space to the inside face of the post I would like to fill with a unfaced fiberglass batt/panel, then 2x4's would be nailed to the inside face of the posts so a metal liner could be installed. My question is since my vapor barrier is on the outside, should I install a house type wrap on the inside over the fiberglass or behind the interior metal to help control inside moisture from entering the wall and allow proper ventilation? The cross section view of my wall would be Outside metal, 2x4 girts, 1.5" air gap from the outside metal to the 2" foil faced eps foam, 3.5" fiber glass, 2x4 inside girts ,wrap, interior metal. Thanks for your time and advice!

  3. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #3

    The main problem with insulating a pole barn is creating a good air barrier. There are many opportunities for air leakage: between the insulated sections of the wall and the vertical posts; at the base of the wall (which either meets dirt, gravel, or a concrete slab); and at the intersection of the wall and the insulated ceiling.

    You should strive for airtightness when you create this assembly. It won't be easy -- but do your best.

    You already have a vapor barrier in this assembly (the foil-faced foam). There is no need for an interior vapor barrier or vapor retarder. This type of wall is designed to dry to the interior.

    Just do the best you can to make the wall airtight.

  4. MIKEINMICH24 | | #4

    Thanks! Sorry about the first time rookie post mistakes !

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