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Insulating and Air-Sealing a NanaWall

spamble11 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

`AAZHi Guys,

I have a Nanawall in upstate NY and I am having trouble insulating around it in spots. Nanawall installers advise they periodically have to adjust the door and as such, I cannot CCSF around the Nanawall/wall penetration. They tell me to stuff fiberglass in there but, in some spots that is very tight and very difficult to do.

Anyone aware of a flexible product with insulating properties that I could use? Something I could spray in between the RO and the Nanawall to insulate it better.



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  1. Peter L | | #1

    From my understanding Nanawall's by design, will leak air and possibly water in the right conditions. Next to impossible to try and seal a curtain wall or a large folding/collapsing door assembly opening like that. It will never be airtight. As the Nanawall installers told you, they have to periodically adjust for the lifetime of the assembly. It's just the nature of the beast with such a large window door system like that. Maybe some SIGA Tape might help but not sure on the details.

  2. Jason S. | | #2

    Backer rod. It's compressible, insulating and most importantly helps seal drafts with or without caulk. Comes in sizes down to about 1/4" diameter and should compress to maybe 1/8" or so, you just have to use something that won't puncture it to wedge it into tight gaps.

    It can easily be removed in the event that frame adjustments are needed, unlike spray foam.

  3. spamble11 | | #3

    Thank you. These are great ideas.

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