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Nanawall or La Cantina Folding doors and blower door performance?

user-195414 | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I am curious if anyone has experience with blower door performance on a Nanawall or La Cantina folding door system (not as isolated elements, but rather impact, whether good or bad, on whole house blower door performance). I am a builder in Seattle area getting ready to start a new construction project with a number of great energy features including SIP wall and roof assemblies. This house has good potential for a relatively tight building envelope, but a folding door (14′ wide x 7′ high) has been added late in the game and I have some questions/concerncs how these doors perform with regards to infiltration.

Any thoughts/experience?


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  1. user-659915 | | #1

    I have had similar concerns about these systems and have so far managed to avoid specifying them (my clients have usually been swiftly turned off the idea when they find out the price). My concern is not only performance at day one but I wonder also how the seals and hardware will hold up after a decade or so of regular use.

  2. davidmeiland | | #2

    An almost identical question was just asked here:

    I don't have direct experience with this, but wonder if the answer isn't in the air leakage test results from the manufacturers, ASTM E 283 or similar. Can the tech reps from the companies tell you how much leakage you'll get through a given door unit at -50?

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